I heart cozy mysteries!

I love reading a lot!  One of my favorite reading blogs/author blogs is Cozy Chicks (www.cozychicksblog.com).  All of the authors that write for the site are really nice (very positive when they have communicated with me by e-mail and lots of them re-pin my pins on Pinterest) plus they are some of my favorite cozy mystery authors!

A cozy mystery is one that is usually thematic (cooking, knitting, sewing, books, gardening, beekeeping, etc.) without gratuitous sex, violence (other than the dead bodies), and “foul” language.  I love them because 1.  I don’t have to wade through gratuitous “stuff” to witness the whodunit? 2.  I get to find out about knitting, gardening, beekeeping, and other things I didn’t previously know about, and 3.  They are always very well-written and entertaining.  Two of my favorite writers for the blog, Lorna Barrett and Ellery Adams, even have new books coming out this summer (hint hint for future gift ideas…cough cough!).  I’ve been following Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mystery series since the beginning.  The newest offering, Murder on the Half Shelf, promises to be spectacular.  For those of you who don’t yet have a Kindle (or other e-Reader), this will be her first hardcover edition (for those of you who only like to read books in hardcover).  Ellery Adams new series, the Charmed Pie Shoppe, is being introduced with Pies and Prejudice.  I’m really looking forward to this one because I’ve seen mentions of it on the CozyChicks blog for a few months now.

Both books will be available on July 3.  While you are waiting (impatiently) for them to arrive/be made available, please be sure to check out their blog at http://www.cozychicksblog.com.


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