Rene’s Day of Fun…

I missed the opportunity to snap shots of the boys playing Mario Kart, but I did snap some more shots of Rene’s day.  He did a bit of gardening and watering with his watering can.

Rene loves his watering can.

Rene loves watering the grass…

Meanwhile, Daisy was trying to incite drama with the dog next door (on the other side of the fence).

Rene, realizes that he needs to grow big and strong, waters his feet so that he will grow and grow and grow!

Rene takes a break from gardening and watering to smile for the camera (Actually, he was trying to take it away so that he could snap a few more shots).

Rene’s hands prove that he’s not afraid of dirty work.

Rene decides to chase after Daisy…

Rene loves posing. Here he’s trying to give me an action shot! In the background is our fire pit.

After this, Rene took a brief nap.  The days of the three-hour-long naps are all but over.  When he woke up, it was lunchtime, with Granny and Granddaddy on the way over to visit (my parents).

Rene had beef flavored Ramen noodles with ketchup for lunch. He didn’t seem to impressed with his first taste of Ramen noodles, but he loved wearing the blackberries that we purchased from our local beekeeper. Luckily, the next stage of Rene’s fun day allowed him to get rid of the blackberries.

Most of our garden came from plants after a botched/failed experiment at planting them from seed. We still planted the seedlings into the garden even after they started to die/didn’t come up. This plant had us scratching our heads when it appeared to come alive in the garden. Now we know: it is black-eyed susans.

Rene shows Granny and Granddaddy the garden.

Granny and Granddaddy investigate the growth of the honeydew melon and the watermelon.

Josh harvested the first of our “big” tomatoes today. We were all so excited!!!

In all, we harvested four big tomatoes. Here are two of them.

Rene continued his day of fun by swimming at our homeowner’s association pool.

Playing with his daddy at the pool

This is my favorite photo of Rene at the pool.

Rene was very tired after the pool.  The waves tend to make him very drowsy, but he wanted to take one last photo.

Sweet sleepy boy

My next post will involve tonight’s dinner….  Cheers and happy summer!


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