Daisy, the diva who hates having her picture taken and Rene the photog!

This morning I tried again to photograph Daisy.  Daisy is very photogenic and was wearing a double strand of green Mardi Gras beads (She may have been upset with us that they were not pink), and refused to stay still to have her picture taken.  Meanwhile, Rene hammed it up for the camera and even snapped off a few shots of Mommy (with morning hair; ignore that part).  He likes acting up in front of the camera but LOVES to be in control from behind the camera


Daisy (this one is older, but it is one of the few where she is actually looking at the camera)


The rub my belly shot (seriously, Josh had to rub her belly and step out of the frame so I could quickly snap this shot).

And the Rene poses:


(Playing learning games on the tablet and eating popcorn)


(Kisses for the camera!)


And now for the Mommy pics by Rene (notice who ended up with the green Mardi Gras beads after Daisy had them removed!)



Not too bad for a two-year-old’s first use of the camera!

Right now, they (Josh and Rene) are playing Mario Kart, so I might post more pics of that later.  Daisy is attempting to incite drama with the neighbor’s dog.  What can I say?  She is the drama queen!

What do you think?

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