Artisan Bread in Five Master Recipe tutorial

Artisan Bread in Five Master Recipe tutorial

…and the recipe/book that changed my life forever.  If you’ve read the original Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, you KNOW it’s the best thing since…well…sliced bread.  Although in the 18 months of making bread from the book, I haven’t quite progressed beyond the Master Recipe (boule) with a few additions, the baby steps journey has literally changed.  my.  life.  Co-workers ask if that is “my bread,” and I remind them that it came from the book.  I talk up the book a lot because I believe it is that life changing.  I’ve given dry-mix packets to my mom and sister for Christmas and stressed the importance of the peel (although I’m less of a convert about the pizza peel than I was) and the pizza stone (a must, and it stays in the oven permanently to regulate oven temperature).  In fact, next week we will be heading to my sister’s for her to learn how to make the bread and for me to learn how to make “her” dumplins.  No.  That is not a typo.  It is meant to be spelled dumplins.  Anyway, without further ado, the blog for the book that changed my life (as well as the two sequels).  I’ve linked to the site right where one of the authors goes over the Master Recipe so that you can best recreate it.  (P.S. When they talk about the gluten cloak, don’t be afraid.  It is actually the easiest of all of the steps.)  Drumroll please:   It will change your life too.  If you already have read the book(s) and know of the life-changing power of them, please spread the word.  Why am I posting the link?  Because I have two lone scraps of the crust (heel, as we call them) that are going to be bread-crumb-ized and added to the ground turkey for dinner.  Yummy pictures to come soon, I promise.


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